Reflective Surprise Scarf Black Knitted Scarf Mens Scarf Womens Scarf 5 x 69 Idea Acrylic Knit Hand Gift CDFLOY2389

Reflective Surprise Scarf, Black Knitted Scarf, Mens Scarf, Womens Scarf, 5 x 69 Idea Acrylic, Knit Hand Gift CDFLOY2389

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5 inches x 69 inches (12.7 cm x 175 cm). Handknitted on needles by me. A long black scarf with thin reflective thread running through it. This is the Red Heart variety. Extra black, possibly the blackest yarn I've ever come across. It is quite dense, creating a fairly heavy scarf. When not reflecting light the reflective thread is a pale grey. Knitted in a flat rib.This yarn was new to me so I was happy to find the texture is like really fine chenille yarn, and the reflective thread is not too noticeable to the touch. Reflective, it DOES NOT glow in the dark. Instead when light hits it at an angle, it reflects it very brightly. It is similar to a bicycle reflector. If you are wearing it and someone uses flash photography, the scarf is all lit up in the photo. Quite a lot of fun to play with! Very useful to make a person more visible when walking at night, but not a substitute for safety equipment.Care: washable in cold in the machine, or wash by hand if worried about stretching. Lay flat to dry on a towel. From a home with no smoking or furry pets. Take me back to Mouse Central!